5 New WhatsApp Features That Will Present Next Year

TEKNOKU.me – Over the years, WhatsApp is increasingly diligent in spawning new features. In 2019 alone, there are a number of new WhatsApp features that were born or developed from previous features.

An example is a feature to share WhatsApp Status or also often called WhatsApp Stories to various other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

There is also a fingerprint security feature so that the user’s WhatsApp is not easily broken into ignorant hands.

There are many other features requested by many users, but they were not released until the end of this year.

The good news, some of the features that are in great demand will be launched next year. What are these features?

Dark Mode
Delete Automatic Secret Messages
Ads on WhatsApp Status
Operating System Support
Reverse Image Search

Although reportedly the new 2020 will be released next, the pros and cons of this feature have surfaced. Because so far WhatsApp is the only platform under the auspices of Facebook.Inc that is clean of ads.