Adobe Illustrator is Finally Available on iPad – After years of waiting, iPad users can now download the Adobe Illustrator application on their tablet devices.

This professional tool for digital drawing has been officially available on the iPadOS App Store since Tuesday (23/10/2010) and can be downloaded for free.

However, iPad users must subscribe to Creative Cloud to fully benefit from Adobe Illustrator. Adobe also doesn’t provide a buy-out scheme for Illustrator on the iPad.

Unlike in the Mac version, the iPad version of Adobe Illustrator focuses on touch screen functionality and a digital pen (stylus), using Apple Pencil.

Adobe Illustrator’s features on the iPad are not much different from the mobile version, from pens, pencils, and brushes, to layers, properties, and grid options. Some specific features are not yet available, but these features are not the ones that are always used.

The main tools were redesigned to allow users to work comfortably on the tablet screen, such as a toolbar that sticks out below the selection, allowing the user to lock or make changes without having to “dig into” the menu.

Although old users will feel the difference in this application, however, Adobe promises the iPad version of Illustrator is designed so that users can still edit files smoothly between the desktop and tablet versions.

Illustrator itself is Adobe’s third application to be brought from the desktop version to the iPad, after Lightroom in 2014 and Photoshop in 2019.

Adobe promises Illustrator on the iPad will continue to “evolve” with the addition of new features, as if it wanted to deflect the criticism that was aimed at them during Photoshop. first released on the iPad.

“This is just the beginning of our journey,” wrote Vice President of Adobe Design, Eric Snowden in an announcement made by the company, Saturday (24/10/2020).