Android 10 Secretly Has Similar Facebook Notification Features – Facebook users must be familiar with the chat balloon notification feature in the form of chat balloons that can appear with a floating display on the mobile screen every time there is a new Messenger message.

Android 10 also has a similar feature for displaying notifications. This feature has not been officially rolled out, but is already in Android version 10 and can be activated manually in Settings> Developer Options> Bubbles.

By activating bubble notification, certain applications such as Messages can display notifications via “balloons” that float on the screen like Facebook chat heads.

Messages, for example, will display previews of incoming text messages. When the preview is clicked, the user will be taken to a window to reply to the message. If you leave it, the preview will disappear and the red notification point will be replaced.

Through the bubble notification, various notifications can be offered directly to the user’s eyes so that they are not missed, although this can also be felt disturbing. Fortunately, Google provides an option to turn off the bubble.

Bubbles can also be shifted so as to move places on the screen, and get rid of them by sliding them to the bottom of the screen like removing a widget.

Google reportedly has distributed bubble notification in the Android OS 10 Beta 2 on Pixel smartphones last April. The feature was then unable to be embedded in the final version of Android 10, but it still remained in the developer OS section in question.

It seems that Google is testing the bubble notification feature so that application developers are ready to use it when it’s officially rolled out later, maybe on Android 11.