Apple Boss Admits Trying to Put Low Prices on Products

TEKNOKU.meĀ – Because their prices are relatively expensive compared to similar goods, Apple-made products are always categorized as luxury goods.

However, Apple CEO Tim Cook may not fully agree with that image. Instead, he said that Apple later tried to push prices down to be cheaper.

“We always try to keep our prices as low as possible, and this year we can cut iPhone prices,” Cook said in an interview in Germany. According to him, Apple is currently implementing a pricing strategy.

Cook’s words have a point. The price of the iPhone trio launched this year, for example, is lower than the three iPhones released last year. Even for the European region, the selling price of the iPhone 11 could be 50 euros lower than the iPhone XR.

Not only is the iPhone priced cheaper, but Apple’s service is also now priced below its competitors, such as Apple TV + and Netflix.

In Europe, Apple TV + charges a subscription price of 5 euros per month, while Netflix, its direct competitor in the realm of on-demand video streaming, is known to charge 8 euros.

Cook did not provide further elaboration on the strategy of his lead company to cut product and service prices.

Apple itself has just released three new iPhones for this 2019. All three are iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

iPhone 11 is priced starting at 699 USD. Then the iPhone 11 Pro is priced starting at 999 USD. Meanwhile, the iPhone Pro Max is priced starting at 1,099 USD.