Apple CEO Talks about Racism in the US

TEKNOKU.meĀ -Apple CEO Tim Cook can not stay silent amid the hectic issue of racism that is hot rolling in the United States (US).

To note, the US is currently in a time of mourning and the issue of racism raises tensions. This was triggered by police violence that killed a black US citizen named George Floyd.

The leaders, ranging from politicians, celebrities, to the top brass of technology companies took turns expressing their attitudes, including Cook.

Responding to this, Apple released a statement that justifies the inequality that black people still have to face in the US.

Quoted from Apple’s website, Cook’s statement was given the title ‘Speaking Up on Racism’ and displayed a full page accompanied by the signature of the number one person on Apple.

“Right now, there is pain that cuts into the souls of our people, and in the hearts of millions of people. To stand together, we must defend one another and recognize the fear, hurt, and anger provoked by the senseless killing of George Floyd and the history of racism, “Cook wrote, opening his statement.

He condemned the inequality of the justice system in the US and considered that discrimination still occurred in his country. Cook highlighted the discriminatory treatment that is often seen by black residents, especially in social and educational settings.

“While our laws have changed, the reality is that their protection has not yet been applied universally. We see the progress since I grew up in America, but it is also true that the colored community is still experiencing discrimination and trauma,” he continued.

Cook said, at Apple, the company’s mission has been and will always create technology that empowers everyone to change the world for the better. Diversity according to him is a strength.

As a real effort, Cook said that Apple itself has donated to the Equal Justice Initiative, an organization that opposes injustice and racism.

“Every breath we take, we must commit to becoming a change, and to create a better, fairer world for everyone,” he concluded.