Apple Glance OLED Panel Supplier from China – Apple is said to be ordering OLED panels from BOE, a manufacturer of screen panels from China, in 2021.

This rumor comes from a source from South Korea, who said Apple would order 45 million OLED panels from the BOE, which will be used in the upcoming 2021 iPhone output.

If true, the BOE will be Apple’s second-biggest OLED panel supplier, with Samsung remaining in the top position. While LG Display will be the third-largest panel supplier, while Japan Display will supply small-sized OLED panels, namely for Apple Watch.

In 2020 Apple is said to need a greater supply of OLED panels than in 2019. Because the rumors say all iPhones released in 2020 will use OLED panels.

But it is not yet known whether the BOE will also be an OLED supplier for Apple in 2020. At present, BOE is supplying OLED panels to a number of cellphone manufacturers, one of which is for Huawei’s Mate series phones,