Apple Plans to Eliminate Notch on the Next iPhone Product

TEKNOKU.meĀ – Apple is said to be removing the notch, on its latest iPhone phone.

Apple has patented the iPhone design without a notch in Japan.

Apple had to overhaul the previous iPhone design by removing the face id and had to bury the touch id on the iPhone screen.

Some sources say Apple will put the front camera under the screen like a fingerprint sensor for touch ID.

But the iPhone design without this notch is not likely to launch in 2020.

Besides Apple, several other vendors also intend to immerse the front camera under the screen.

But this technology is still under development, and Samsung is rumored to be developing camera sensors on the screen.

While other brands, such as Vivo and Oppo use pop-up technology for the front camera. So that it can eliminate the notch on the cellphone screen.