Apple Prepared to Face a Surgical iPhone 5G Orders – Apple is said to be preparing to face the surge in demand for the iPhone with a 5G connection, and this has something to do with the launch of the Galaxy S20 line by Samsung.

Called in connection with the Galaxy S20 – which has a 5G variant – because the launch of the Samsung flagship phone is said to show that 2020 is the year of mobile phones with 5G network support.

According to sources from component suppliers quoted by DigiTimes, Apple A14 Bionic chip orders will increase 50% higher than the A13 Bionic. This shows that Apple is already prepared to face a surge in new iPhone orders.

The increase in demand for this brand-new iPhone is said to be related to the presence of a 5G connection on the cellphone. Because now many Apple consumers, such as in China, are holding back from buying the iPhone 11 series because they don’t have 5G network support.

Then in Europe and the United States too, operators are competing to expand their 5G network. This is also expected to make a demand for the iPhone with 5G support will increase in the region.

But the surge in demand for mobile phones will not be limited at Apple, because other mobile phone manufacturers will also hope that the presence of 5G will boost demand for their mobile phones which currently continues to decline.