Apple Rush Release iOS 13.1 – Apple released the latest operating system, iOS 13. But the operating system actually received a negative response from users because of the discovery of a number of “bugs”.

Users report problems on devices that have iOS 13 installed. Even the new features that iOS 13 brings don’t all appear perfectly.

Responding to this, Apple also acted quickly. Only a few days ago, Apple now released a major update via iOS 13.1 which patched the gap.

This update was originally scheduled to be released on 30 September. But Apple later advanced the update release schedule.

In addition to minimizing “bugs”, iOS 13.1 also brings several new features such as the ability to share Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) on Apple Maps.

There are also improvements to the AirDrop feature, especially for users of the iPhone 11 series. AirDrop on iOS 13.1 is claimed to have higher accuracy for selecting recipients to send documents.

In addition, iOS 13.1 also brings new features that can support optimization when the battery is charged and support for battery throttling.

iOS 13 alone brings a number of new features. The most interesting update from iOS 13 is Dark Mode.

During the 12 years, Apple released an iPhone device, the iOS 13 update became the first operating system to support the appearance of Light and Dark.