Apple Sued by Heart Doctor Because of Smart Watch Features – The electrocardiogram (EKG) feature that has emerged since the fourth generation of Apple Watch has proven to be beneficial for its users. Because the smartwatch owner can monitor their health condition based on pulse scanning.

However, now these features actually bring problems for Apple. The reason, a cardiologist from the United States (US), Joseph Wiesel sued Apple for the ECG features embedded in Apple Watch devices.

In a lawsuit filed by Wiesel to the Eastern District Court, New York City, USA last Friday, he accused Apple of using the heart rate measurement method he patented in March 2006 illegally.

The method in question is a heart rate checking technique through optical modules and sensors to detect abnormalities in the heart (Atrial Fibrillation) through the skin surface. Wiesel used to call this method photoplethysmography.

Well, such a method is used by Apple in its smartwatch devices equipped with ECG features, with the ability to diagnose abnormalities based on heart rate through a green optical light with a variety of supporting sensors.

Although the ECG only appeared at Apple Watch Series 4 in September 2018, Wiesel actually opened a discussion with Apple in September 2017 about the method he patented.

Apple instead refused to cooperate.

Through this lawsuit, Wiesel sued for royalties on patents that Apple had used without permission, along with the compensation costs for material damage caused by the company, as well as paying all legal process costs.

It did not say how much the loss was due to patent infringement by the company from Cupertino, USA. Apple also has not provided official information related to the allegations addressed to his company.