Black Shark Affirms Not Part of Xiaomi – Many people consider Black Shark to be a company run by giant smartphone vendor Xiaomi.

In fact, some people still put the name “Xiaomi” on Black Shark phones, such as “Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro” or “Xiaomi Black Shark”.

Responding to that, the Black Shark dismissed the mistake and then confirmed that they were not part or sub-brand of Xiaomi.

“We are a stand-alone company, and have our own name,” said Yang Sun, Vice President of Marketing of Black Shark Global.

“From the beginning, Black Shark began to build its own factory and carry out independent marketing and R&D activities,” Yang added.

Even so, Black Shark itself is funded by Xiaomi. The Xiaomi is a core investor of the Black Shark. That is, the Redmi brand’s parent disbursed the most funds to the Black Shark.

“Xiaomi is the main investor of Black Shark, with 46% of capital in Black Shark currently being the result of funding from Xiaomi,” Yang explained.

“We are proud that Xiaomi has invested in our company, but we are also proud we also have our own name,” he added.

In addition, in contrast to Xiaomi’s focus on smartphones and the Mi Home product ecosystem, the focus of Black Shark itself is in the field of gaming, including technology and gaming-based devices.