Calculator is modified so that it can be internet, Casio demands YouTube – Regional quarantine that is applied to most regions in the world makes many people look for busy at home. Fun stuff can become a new hobby.

For example, as was done by a YouTuber named Neutrino. He used the old Casio calculator to give his uncle to be transformed into a “smart calculator”.

The scientific calculator made by Casio with the Fx-991MS model is modified, so it has a connection to the internet network. As a result, the calculator can also be used to chat after successfully connecting with WiFi.

“Because we’re lockdowns, I want to do something fun, which can keep me busy for a week to two weeks,” Neutrino said.

But the fad Neutrinos turned out to make Casio unhappy. The Japanese manufacturer even sued YouTube and GitHub, asking that the Neutrino videos and tutorial posts be removed, for violating the Digital Millennium Copy Act (DMCA) or digital copyright.

According to Casio, the video on YouTube Neutrino contains property information that should be confidential.

“The repository contains code that should not be published. Content that is broadcast is a direct copy of the work of our clients exactly,” said the contents of the lawsuit represented by the anti-counterfeiting firm, REACT.

As a result, the video was deleted from YouTube and the GitHub repository. Neutrino also responded to the lawsuit addressed to him and asked Github to provide a backup repository of its content.

He said that he did nothing for the code Casio mentioned in the lawsuit. In the “readme” file, he explained that he made the code himself, not fiddling with the code from the Casio device.

“They also accused me by saying that all the repositories were very disturbing, but actually the original content they accused had nothing to do with my code,” Neutrino said compiled from Vice.

As mentioned earlier, Neutrino fiddled with its old calculator with a simple chat program. Of course, the program cannot function optimally to chat as a smartphone.

Neutrinos make use of the small solar screen in the right corner of the calculator. The screen is converted into an OLED panel connected to the ESP8266 WiFi module and the battery can be replaced, without changing the physical form of the Casio calculator.

After connecting to WiFi, Neutrino added pre-uploaded data from the mobile developer Firebase. It also adds an interface using sensors and hidden magnets.

When the video first appeared, many people worried that this calculator would be misused by students to cheat, rather than as a calculator.