European Union Law Require Apple to Use USB Type C on iPhone – Apple might have to take off the Lightning connector in the future. Because the European Union will implement new laws that require manufacturers to use uniform connectors.

The European Commission has long pushed cell phone manufacturers to have a single charging connector. One aim is to reduce electronic waste.

It’s just that the approach is limited to voluntary. So it is felt to be less effective because there are still vendors who still use different ports.

Conditions that make some members of the European Parliament urged the European Commission to take more serious action. In a statement member of the Commission, Maros Sefcovic said the committee proposed to take a legislative approach.

This means that there will be laws made. So that it can force every smartphone manufacturer to use a single charging method.

But the proposal is still being debated. The final decision will be taken through a vote which will be made in the next session.

Whenever a proposed law is agreed upon, inevitably Apple has to take off the Lightning port. The technology giant from Cupertino must replace it with USB Type C which is currently widely used.

To note in 2009 there are more than 30 data charging connectors. The single charging connector campaign carried out by the European Union succeeded in shrinking into three ports, namely micro USB, USB Type C, and Lightning.

In 2018, European lawmakers conduct an initial impact assessment of the idea of a single charging connector and solicit feedback from manufacturers. In January last year, Apple had given its opinion.

They argue that regulations that will drive a single charging connector on all smartphones will freeze innovation rather than push it. The proposal is bad for the environment and will interfere with customers.

Apple reasoned nearly 1 billion devices have been sent to consumers using the Lightning connector. That’s not an accessory made by a third party yet. So that it will produce a large volume of electronic waste.

Apart from that reluctance, it is not impossible that Apple could finally throw Lightning from an iOS device. Just look at the iPad and MacBook has also switched to USB-C.