Facebook Acquisition Studio Game VR Beat Games

TEKNOKU.me – Facebook is re-acquiring a company that is considered to be able to support its business. Now, the social networking giant is annexing Beat Games, a virtual reality game studio (VR) that created the popular Beat Saber game.

There was no mention of how much value Facebook had to redeem to woo Beat Games.

Although acquired, the Beat Games headquarters located in Prague, Czech Republic, will still operate as usual. It’s just that the company is now under the auspices of Oculus Studios, a Facebook division that handles various VR games.

Oculus Facebook Director of Content, Mike Verdu said the reason behind the acquisition of Beat Games was none other than this game studio proved to have the potential to develop their VR games further.

“Beat Games will be able to accelerate, add more music and more interesting features to Beat Saber and bring this game to more people,” Verdu said.

For the fate of the Beat Saber game itself, Verdu ensures it will continue to add a variety of new content, such as 360-degree play mode, following support for playing a variety of mods.

He also ensured he would continue to support the mod-making community. However, Verdu will reject illegal mods that violate copyrights and policies made by Facebook.

For information, Beat Saber is a VR game where players have a mission to cut down various blocks that approach them with two neon swords (lightsaber) while accompanied by the music.

This futuristic VR game with music nuance can be played on PS4 (PSVR), Microsoft Windows (SteamVR, Oculus), and Oculus Quest.