Facebook Launches TV Portal for Streaming and Video Chat

TEKNOKU.meĀ – Facebook officially introduced a new device called TV Portal. This device is an accessory that can be connected to the television and then used for video chatting.

TV portal was introduced by Facebook along with two other devices namely Portal and Mini Portal. The TV portal is also categorized as a smart device for interacting with fellow users via video calls.

If the Portal and Mini Portal are devices that are similar to tablet devices, the TV Portal has a different form. The TV portal is a smart camera that can be connected to a television and is shaped like an Xbox Kinect device.

The TV portal can be connected to the television via the HDMI port. Then the user can simply log in to his Facebook account and can automatically make video calls via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

The TV portal has the ability to detect and recognize an object or user movements. The TV portal is equipped with Facebook’s smart camera technology so that it can follow and adjust to the direction of motion of objects such as zooming in or zooming out automatically.

“This feature is especially useful for children who often go in and out of frames during video calls,” a Facebook representative said. This device can also be activated using sound, like Google Assistance. The user simply calls “Hey Portal” and the device will turn on automatically and ready to make calls.

In addition, the TV Portal also has the ability of Augmented Reality (AR) where users can add a number of filters when making video calls. Through the TV portal, users can also watch a number of television shows such as Amazon Prime video or CBS All Access.

The TV portal will go on sale on November 5 at a price of 149 USD. Unfortunately, Facebook has not yet mentioned which regions first get this device.