Finally, Windows 10 Mastering the PC Operating System Market

TEKNOKU.meĀ -More than 4 years since its debut in mid-2019, Windows 10 has finally been able to dominate the PC operating system market.

Most PCs in the world already run the OS, with a percentage of 50.99 percent according to the latest data from the market research firm NetMarketShare.

This figure was reached in August 2019. Windows 10’s market share increased 2 percent compared to the previous month.

Conversely, the number of Windows 7 users actually decreased by 1.4 percent at the same time, but the overall market share was still above 30 percent.

This decrease in a number of users is likely to stem from the effect of Windows 7 update support coming to an end.

Microsoft will end all kinds of support, from renewal support to technical support, for Windows 7 in January 2020. Chase 1 billion Microsoft users themselves, in April 2015 and then target that Windows 10 will be used by 1 billion users in 2020.

Currently, Windows 10 users have recorded numbers reaching 800 million, meaning that there are still a few more months for Microsoft to hook around 200 million additional users.

Reportedly, to achieve that target, Microsoft will create a system prompt for users of Windows 7. A pop-up prompt will appear and remind users of this old OS to switch to Windows 10.

Not yet known whether this system is effective or not to seduce Windows 7 users to switch to Windows 10.

Meanwhile, the number of Windows 8.1 users who are equally “old” is also increasingly neglected by users.

Windows 8.1 users declined from the original 5.29 percent to 4.20 percent of the total operating system market share in August.

The non-Windows operating system, namely macOS 10.14, was recorded to have increased, although not very significantly. Apple Mac’s computer OS market share rose from 5.38 percent to 5.95 percent in August 2019.