Galaxy S20 Ultra Print Best Mobile Screen Record – The flagship mobile phone series from Samsung subscribers got the title of “best screen” from DisplayMate, a testing agency for all types of screens – including smartphones.

Likewise, the Galaxy S20 Ultra this year was rewarded with the value of “A +” as well as the title of “best screen phone” by DisplayMate after going through a series of tests.

“Since it was first used in the Samsung Galaxy cellphone series, the OLED screen has increased in each new generation. The Galaxy S20 Ultra raises its standards even further significantly,” DisplayMate wrote in its report.

Galaxy S20 Ultra uses an OLED screen, precisely the type of “dual-edge curved screen Flexible OLED” manufactured by Samsung itself, according to DisplayMate.

The screen panel has a diagonal of 6.9 inches with a resolution of 3,200 x 1. 440 pixels (3K Quad HD +) 20: 9 aspect ratio, the pixel density of 551 PPI, and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra also broke or equaled 12 display quality measurement records from DisplayMate, including the highest peak brightness, the highest contrast ratio, and the lowest reflectance rate.

The brightness of the Galaxy S20 Ultra screen is 823 nits to 1,342 nits. Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 has screen brightness of 770 nits to 905 nits.

For the level of reflection, the Galaxy S20 Ultra records mirror reflection of 5.4 percent reflected light.

“The reflection of the Galaxy S20 Ultra almost touched the lowest point for smartphones we’ve ever tested. These results are important for the level of screen readability, image quality, and color accuracy,” DisplayMate continued.

More, DisplayMate test results on the Galaxy S20 Ultra screen can be seen at the following link.