Gboard’s “Real-Time” Translator Feature Is Now Trying Out

Teknoku.meĀ – Google is rolling back an update to its keyboard application, Gboard. In this update, Gboard can now translate spoken sentences into other languages.

The translator feature isn’t new to Gboard. But this time, Google added a voice function as the source of the sentence you want to translate.

Users can tap the microphone icon found on Gboard and immediately say the sentence they want to translate.

The sentences will then be converted into text in a special column on Gboard. While the translation will be displayed on the screen.

Users can also edit or delete the sentence text manually if an error occurs. Overall, this feature is similar to Google Translate’s “Transcribe” capability, which has been launched since last March.

The difference is, users don’t have to bother opening the Google Translate application separately to start translating sentences.

This new feature in Gboard supports multiple languages, according to those listed on Google Translate.

However, this feature is still being improved. Because, the translator feature on Gboard is only able to translate 200 characters or about two to three sentences.

Google says it has released this new feature for all users. However, there are still users who don’t get this feature on their Gboard.

Thus, it is likely that Google will release this feature gradually. For users who can’t wait to taste this feature, you can download Gboard beta v9.7 via the Google Play Store or third-party app stores.