Google Chrome Update Claims to Save Battery and Save RAM – Towards the end of 2020, the internet browser (browser) made by Google, Chrome, received a major update. This update increases Chrome’s version, from 86 to 87.

Based on the official statement listed on Google Blog, the company from Mountain View, California, USA said that this update focuses on improving the speed, performance, and efficiency of the Chrome browser.

With this update, Chrome will prioritize active tabs viewed by users and override background activity on tabs that are not seen.

As a result, Chrome is claimed to be able to reduce the workload of the processor (CPU) by up to 5 times, and save battery life up to 1.25 hours longer.

“We do this without sacrificing important background features for users, such as playing music and getting notifications,” said Matt Waddel, Google Chrome Product Director.

In addition, Google also claims that Chrome 87 will later be able to open 25 percent faster than the previous version, and load internet pages up to 7 times faster and save RAM.

In addition, navigation between pages (back and forward) in the Android version of Chrome 87 is now claimed to be more agile and smoother than the previous version.

Various features to support efficiency

Apart from the performance aspect, Google has also released a number of new features that will be present in Chrome 87. This feature also aims to improve user efficiency when using the browser.

One of them is the Tab Search feature which can browse and search for any tab that is currently open by the user.

This feature is located to the far right of a row of tabs (an icon resembling the letter “O”) and can be clicked to open a search field.

Then, there is the Chrome Actions feature which allows users to launch various setup functions via Chrome’s URL box known as “Omnibox”.

This feature is actually a shortcut to a number of Chrome settings. It’s just that the orders are based on keywords (keyword).

For example, if a user wants to delete their browsing history, they can simply type a related keyword, such as “delete my history”, in the Omnibox box.

After that, users can click on the related shortcut that appears below the search box without having to bother clicking on the “Settings” menu.

There is also a Cards feature in the new tab, which allows users to browse and directly access various sites related to their browsing activity.

For example, if the user likes to search for cooking recipes, the new tab will display a number of selection boxes in the form of a card containing Google’s recommended recipes, complete with reviews and ratings.

These features are certain to be released in the future.

Chrome version 87 itself has been rolled out gradually to several supported platforms, namely Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS.