Google Maps Incognito Mode on Android Spreads

TEKNOKU.meĀ – After being announced last May, finally the incognito mode is now officially present on the Google Maps service. With this mode, all travel history will be erased by the device.

Incognito mode makes user privacy more secure. When Incognito mode is activated, all commands and notes inputted by the user will be automatically deleted by themselves.

When this mode is active, the navigation bar on Google Maps will turn gray. To activate it, users simply touch the profile photo on Google Maps and the incognito activation option will appear.

According to Google, the incognito mode will be released this month for Android phones. While the iOS operating system will be available soon.

This incognito mode on Google Maps was first announced at the annual Google I / O event last May. According to Google’s CEO, Sundari Pichai, Google currently puts the user’s privacy as the main consideration in developing features and applications.

“The issue of privacy will never end. Speaking of Maps, we provide an incognito mode so that user history in this application is not saved and privacy is maintained,” Pichai said at the time.

This incognito mode is similar to the one in the Google Chrome browser. In addition, another Google-owned service that also gets this feature is YouTube.