GPS Competitors from China Have Accuracy up to Centimeter Counts – GPS Competitors from China Have Accuracy so that China is now very serious in developing a satellite navigation technology called Beidou.

This navigation system was developed in order to reduce China’s dependence on GPS navigation systems (Global Positioning System) owned by America.

BeiDou Navigation Satellite System spokesperson, Ran Chengqi, explained that the Beidou satellite will be developed significantly.

The accuracy of this satellite will also be sharpened from the previous range of five meters, increased to centimeter-level.

Ren also said, in June 2020 China plans to launch the last two satellites to help Beidou’s operations.

Thus the number of satellites in operation is predicted to exceed 30 satellites used by America’s Global Positioning System (GPS).

This step is also considered to be beneficial for residents of Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

Ran claimed that now more than 70% of smartphones in China are equipped with services that can access Beidou’s navigation.

He also said that Beidou would later be integrated with the ability of 5G networks, whose network technology is now controlled by Chinese giant Huawei.

“The integration of Beidou and 5G is important for the development of information technology in China,” he said.

After that, the Chinese Government plans to try out the integration of Beidou and 5G services by operating a self-driving bus that will soon be operating in Wuhan City.

As previously known, since 2000 China has launched as many as 53 Beidou satellites including those that are no longer operational.

This navigation system has started its services globally at the end of 2018. Since 2011, Beidou services have also begun to be offered to private companies.

Local media in China estimates that in 2020, the economic scale of Beidou’s services will grow to 400 billion yuan.

China’s seriousness in upgrading the Beidou satellite is also one of the big ambitions to rival GPS and expand its system globally.