Huawei Will Be More Difficult to Do Business with US Companies – The US Commerce Ministry withdrew a regulation that made it more difficult for US-based companies to sell their products to Huawei.

Some sources say this step was taken after the Ministry of Trade protested by the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Finance related to the regulation.

The regulation in question states that US companies can sell chips or other electronic components to Huawei from their business entities outside the US without special export permits. The condition is that these components are made with material or patents from outside US companies with a value below 25%.

In his place, the US Department of Commerce proposed new regulation, or rather revised the regulation and reduced the percentage to 10%.

However, this regulation was still protested by their Ministry of Defense because it was considered to be having a bad impact on US companies because of the limited number of components that could be sold to Huawei. Then this revision was returned raw.

For information, Huawei is currently still blacklisted by the US government based on orders from President Donald Trump. That is prohibited from doing business with US companies except with special licenses.