Lake Photo Makes Android Phone Crash, Is this the Cause? – Recently, a photo of a sunset view over a lake with a mountain background, has become viral and is being talked about in cyberspace.

Because, when a photo is installed into an Android cellphone wallpaper, this photo is reported to make the cellphone hang. The information came from the reliable leak of Ice Universe through his Twitter account, @UniverseIce.

In a tweet, he appealed to cell phone users, especially Android users, not to put the “damned” photo as wallpaper or a cellphone lock screen.

“Warning !!! Never set this picture as wallpaper, especially for Samsung mobile phone users! It will cause your phone to crash! Don’t try it! If someone sends you this picture, please ignore it.” Ice Universe wrote through his personal Twitter account.

Nevertheless, this photo is claimed to be harmless if only stored in Google Photos or the mobile Gallery. Photos will only make the cellphone hang when the user sets it as wallpaper.

Caused by color

Although it is not known exactly why the photo can make a photo hangs, some theories say that the color spectrum in this photo is called a source of problems.

The landscape photo is reported to have a larger color space than other photos.

When a photo is put into wallpaper, this can then make the UI System on the cellphone crash.

Ice Universe itself found that the photo “lake of death” downloaded from Weibo social media from China, did not cause a crash when used as wallpaper.

But photos that are uploaded and downloaded from Twitter, are said to have no color change, and still make the phone crash when the photo is installed like wallpaper.

“I suspect this may be related to the color gamut,” Ice Universe said.

One way to fix a cellphone that hangs due to the photo is by setting the phone through the bootloader. Users can also enter safe mode and delete photo files on the mobile.

But some unlucky users are forced to do a factory reset, to make the phone function again. This certainly can cause loss of all data on the cellphone.

Not all Android phones

Some citizens are reported to be “desperate” to put this “damned” photo on their Android phones. As a result, a number of Android phones reported did not experience errors.

On OnePlus phones, for example, this phone apparently did not experience problems hangs. Then when tested on Pixel 4 XL running Android 11, the phone still runs normally and shows no indication of an error.

But when it runs on Google Pixel 3 XL, which has the Android OS 10, the phone automatically experiences hang problems.

So why does hangs only occur on Android 10 phones?

Android 11 is equipped with the ability to change the size of the color space on the photo, while Android 10 has not been able to do that.