Latest leaked look of Google Pixel 4 which is similar to iPhone 11

TEKNOKU.meĀ – Ahead of its launch on the 15th of October, leaked questions about Google Pixel 4 are increasingly circulating on the internet.

One of them is the latest in the form of a series of photos that are allegedly the original form of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. This image leak shows the original figure of the cellphone from the front or back very clearly.

This series of photos itself was revealed by the great leak of Evan Blass who often tells new gadget candidates through his Twitter account, @evleaks.

The difference between the two phones which are decorated with “P4” (Pixel 4) wallpaper is seen in the screen size and color of the shell.

Google Pixel 4 appears in black shell color or commonly called Google “Just Black”. While Pixel 4 XL has a white shell or commonly called “Clearly White”.

The shell design of the two phones also looks different from the previous generation.

You could say that because the shells of both phones look clean with one solid color, without any color lines on the top third of the phone as in the Pixel 3 series.

Still, on the back of the phone, there is also a square-shaped camera module located on the top left corner. The box module that contains the following two cameras with LED flash makes the Pixel 4 duo look similar to Apple’s iPhone 11 line.

Moving to the front, the two cellphones look identical to each other. However, Pixel 4 XL looks more “tall” than the regular Pixel 4. This is because the XL series Pixels usually have screens that are larger in size than the standard version of Pixels.

Despite this difference, the two phones appear to have bezels on the upper and lower frame of the screen that is thick enough.

The upper bezel is thick because it is used to hold the 3D face scanning mechanism along with Soli’s mini “radar”.

This radar is used as a means of gesture control with hand movements in the air called Google as Motion Sense. This feature was also revealed by Google via video some time ago.

Although this leakage seems real, Google has not officially revealed the figure of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL duo to the public, as well as the specifications leaks. We just look forward to their presence in two weeks.