Leaked Video Pixel 4 Reveal Night Sky Photo Mode

TEKNOKU.me – A leaked Pixel 4 promo video that circulated this week shows a number of features that will be present in the prospective Google’s flagship phone.

In one scene, a cellphone is seen directed towards the night sky, then snaps a photo that shows stars clearly scattered.

This has led to speculation that Pixel 4 will be equipped with features to support shooting celestial bodies in the darkness of the night, aka astrophotography.

The feature in question looks like a variation of Night Sight’s night mode that was previously present in Pixel 3, but maybe its capabilities are further enhanced in Pixel 4.

“(Pixel 4) can be used to capture perfect photos, even in dark conditions,” it sounds. text in the promo video leak when explaining the matter of Night Sight. “You can also get the details of the stars.”

Astrophotography is usually done with a camera sitting sweetly on a tripod and long exposure of long duration, reaching tens of seconds or even longer (if you want to get a star tail alias star trail).

However, in the leaked promotional video, Pixel 4 looks like it can do it without the need for a tripod. Just hold it steady in your hand for a few moments, like normal night mode.

Is that right? Google has not commented about this. But, Google had exhibited navigation features based on hand gestures without touching the screen in Pixel 4.

Illustration of the gesture is also in the leaked promotional video. So, do not rule out the Pixel 4 will really have a photo mode to capture the night sky.

Google is predicted to introduce Pixel 4 next October, in accordance with the habits in previous years.