New Deadline for Submitting TikTok to US Companies – The Trump administration has again urged ByteDance to immediately complete the sale and purchase of its business operations in the United States (US) to local companies.

Under a US court ruling, Trump has now extended ByteDance a seven-day deadline through December 4 to complete the process needed to move his business operations to Oracle.

A US Treasury Department representative said that this extension was granted to review and revise the proposal submitted recently received from ByteDance.

In November, ByteDance is known to have submitted five proposals related to an agreement with Oracle and Walmart to shift TikTok’s US business.

However, it is not yet certain in detail what value the acquisition of TikTok by Oracle and Walmart will be.

Trump initially gave ByteDance (TikTok parent) until November 12, 2020, to hand over TikTok business to a US company. However, nearing the deadline, the finalization of TikTok’s US business purchases is still pending.

In September, Trump also said that the agreement with the two US companies would address national security concerns over allegations of spying by TikTok.

For information, the Trump administration has indeed insisted on blocking TikTok from the Google and Apple app stores since last August.

The relationship between the US and China is getting warmer and it has an impact on the technology industry. In May 2019, the United States Department of Commerce has also blacklisted Huawei’s “Entity List”.

Huawei is also not allowed to buy all kinds of components from US companies, and cannot use Google applications and services on its cellphones.

It is on this basis that the US Government has often taken steps that are in an attempt to thwart Chinese companies in the United States.