Oppo Has Patent Cellphone with Side Pop Up Camera

TEKNOKU.me – Cell phone makers have tried various ways to store the front camera of a cell phone. From the notch, punch hole, pop up, until the camera rotates. Now, Oppo has a new patent for the front camera storage method.

In a patent registered at the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), Oppo registered a patent for a different pop-up camera than before, which is stored next to a cell phone on the right side of the cellphone.

Previously, Oppo – and other manufacturers – had released cameras with pop-up cameras stored at the top of the phone. But in this new patent, the camera is stored on the side of the cellphone.

In the reference image on the patent registration, the pop-up camera is kept lined with two rear cameras and an LED flashlight for the rear camera.

So on the right side of the phone is stored a camera pop up and also a power button. While the volume button is on the left side of the phone, which is also the place to insert the SIM card.

At the bottom of the reference, the cell phone is a cellphone speaker, USB-C connector and a 3.5mm audio port.

It is unclear whether Oppo will actually produce a camera with a pop-up camera on this site, because the cellphone manufacturer may not necessarily realize all the technologies for which they have registered patents.