Polaroid Instant Camera Release “Polaroid Now”

TEKNOKU.me – A Dutch company called the Impossible Project acquired production assets from Polaroid after the instant camera manufacturer announced it would stop operating in 2008.

In 2017, the Polaroid brand and intellectual property were acquired by the Impossible Project which was renamed as Polaroid Originals. Now, three years later, the Polaroid Originals has again changed its name to Polaroid.

To celebrate this, Polaroid launched its newest instant camera product called Polaroid Now.

This product emphasizes the lens features with autofocus, higher battery life, an ambient light sensor that can adjust the flash output, and a new design that is more rounded.

Like its predecessor instant camera, the Polaroid OneStep + and OneStep 2 released under the Polaroid Originals brand, Polaroid Now uses the i-Type film.

The film measuring 10.752 x 8.847 cm has black or colorful frame edges which also produce shots with various colors.

The Polaroid Now camera itself is available in a choice of white and black, and a limited edition in green, blue, yellow, red, and orange.

Polaroid does not specify exactly what the ability of this camera’s autofocus. Just mentioned that Polaroid Now can automatically switch between “portrait and distance” mode.

The battery is claimed to last for shooting up to 15 film packs in one charge. Polaroid Now is marketed for 100 USD through Polaroid.com.