PS5 Game Prices Will Be More Expensive than PS4? – The latest generation game console from Sony, PlayStation 5 (PS5), the plan will be officially launched globally towards the end of 2020.

Sony’s division that manages the PS5 business, Sony Interactive Entertainment, continues to show various things related to the PS4 successor game console.

This time, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan revealed the possibility that the price of PS5 games could be more expensive than previous PS4 games. Because the cost of developing PS5 games can be higher.

This is caused by technology that allows PS5 games to have a graphic quality that is close to the real world. One of them is with the help of the Unreal Engine 5 game engine made by Epic Games which was revealed some time ago.

Such technology, continued Ryan, is likely to increase the budget for developing a PS5 game.

“In my opinion, as far as technology can make (quality) games more tangible, the development of a game will also be more draining and costly,” Ryan said.

“So, we predict there might be an increase in the budget in the (game) development,” Ryan added.

However, Ryan added that the increase in costs in developing a PS5 game should not be too large when compared to the development of PS4 games. However, he did not reveal how much the estimated increase in costs.

Besides being more expensive, it is possible that the PS5 game will take more time to develop before it can be released.

Until now it is unknown what games will be able to be played by users when PS5 launches later. Initially, Sony planned to hold an event to showcase the various games on June 4.

Apart from that, the PS5 game console itself is certain to still glide on vacation moments later this year, or around November – December. Sony still hasn’t announced the exact date.