Samsung Creates a Hand Wash Application for Galaxy Watch – The Coronavirus pandemic requires everyone to practice a healthy and hygienic lifestyle, one of which is by washing hands frequently. To remind users to wash their hands diligently, Samsung launched an application for Galaxy Watch.

The application called Hand Wash has actually been available since April. This application will sound an alarm to remind users of Samsung smartwatches to wash their hands at regular intervals.

This alarm will sound once every two hours, but the distance between handwashing can be set via the reminder button in the application settings menu.

Once the alarm sounds and you are ready to wash your hands, sliding the menu up will trigger a 25-second timer – five seconds for leveling soap in the hand and 20 seconds for washing hands according to WHO guidelines.

This application will also display data and tracking functions, so users can see their daily handwashing activities while getting a weekly average.

Samsung encourages users to wash their hands diligently by citing a study from University College London that says washing hands six to 10 times a day is the optimal level to reduce the risk of infection.

To download the Hand Wash application, users must first update their Galaxy Watch software. This application can be downloaded at Galaxy Store for Gear S3 smartwatch users, Gear Sports, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, and Galaxy Watch Active 2.