Samsung Galaxy Fold Can Be Purchased – After experiencing a delay, the folding screen phone that has been awaited by gadget lovers has been re-released. Samsung announced it will start selling Galaxy Fold on September 6 tomorrow in South Korea.

In a post on its official blog, Samsung said that the Galaxy Fold device has now been refined after previously experiencing problems.

A few months ago, a number of Galaxy Fold units that were tried by gadget reviewers did experience technical problems, especially on the flexible screen.

Even Samsung’s CEO, DJ Koh, also admitted that Galaxy Fold was still premature and was prematurely launched. As a result, Samsung has to delay sending Galaxy Fold to buyers who have already made a pre-order.

“Over the past few months, Samsung has perfected the Galaxy Fold to ensure that it can provide the best experience. Not only have we improved the design and construction of the Galaxy Fold, but we have also taken the time to rethink the entire journey of consumers,” wrote Samsung.

In addition to South Korea, there are also a number of other countries which will also receive this folding screen phone. Some of these countries are France, Germany, the United Kingdom (UK), the United States, and Singapore.

Galaxy Fold was originally planned to go on sale last April. But the plan must be postponed because the device being tested is experiencing problems.

Problem complained about problems, the durability sector or resilience in the spotlight.

Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman even said that the Galaxy Fold review unit was completely damaged and could not be used after two days of use. He also uploaded it to his personal Twitter account, @markgurman.

Galaxy Fold sells for 1,980 US dollars. Samsung had claimed, the first folding phone sold out within a day after the pre-order period opened April 15.