Samsung Galaxy S11 Camera Imitating iPhone 11?

TEKNOKU.meĀ – Samsung is rumored to be taking one of the iPhone 11 camera features which will then be embedded in the Galaxy S11 flagship series.

As for one of the camera features that Samsung will emulate is the “Deep Fusion” feature, which was first present in the trio of the iPhone 11.

This is known from a post on the Twitter social network uploaded by the master lever @UniverseIce. For the record, @UniverseIce accounts often divulge the mainstay features that will be embedded in phones that have not actually been launched.

“Samsung is also developing a ‘Deep Fusion’ function similar to the iPhone 11 Pro, and really plays the role of the NPU chip in taking pictures and videos. We can look forward to the Galaxy S11,” @UniverseIce said in his Twitter account.

Even so, it is uncertain whether the successor to the Galaxy S10 series will carry such camera technology or not. Because this is just a rumor and Samsung also has not provided details related to what features will be present in the Galaxy S11.

However, if it does, the Galaxy S11 will likely be equipped with a significant camera update compared to previous generations, even with the Galaxy Note 10 Plus series.

Galaxy S11 itself was allegedly going to be introduced at the MWC 2020 event which is planned to be held starting February 24 next. So, what exactly is the Deep Fusion camera technology that Apple had heralded as the main feature in this iPhone trio camera?

“Deep Fusion” camera features

For information, the Deep Fusion feature or mode in the latest iPhone 11 trio is an image processing technology that utilizes machine learning on a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) chip paired with the capabilities of the A13 Bionic chip made by Apple.

With this technology, the mobile phone will actually take a number of images and combine them into one image that is rich in detail and color with minimal noise.

Deep Fusion combines nine images quickly after the user presses the “Shutter” button.

Well, in contrast to pixel-binning technology that combines a number of images after the user presses the snap button, the nine images are actually not taken simultaneously.

The first four pictures will be taken shortly before the user presses the snap button.

Then the next four pictures will be taken with the “burst” mode (fast exposure) while the user presses the Shutter button and another image is taken from the main image that has been captured using a long exposure.