Samsung Makes AirDrop Competitor File Sharing Feature

TEKNOKU.meĀ – Not wanting to be outdone by its competitors, Samsung is now preparing a feature to send data similar to AirDrop.

This feature is called Quick Share. Later, this feature is useful to facilitate users when they want to transfer files between two Samsung phones.

The presence of the Quick Share feature was first revealed by the XDA Developers technology site. Quick Share is predicted to be present at the next Samsung flagship to come.

Like the file-sharing feature in general, Quick Share will be active when two cellphones are placed close together. With this feature, users can exchange files faster.

This feature will also offer two options for sharing data namely “Contacts-only” which allows transferring data with other Samsung Social users who are in contact.

Then the second option is “Everyone” which allows us to send and receive files from anyone who has a supported device and is near the user’s device.

Although practically similar to AirDrop, this feature has a difference, namely the existence of cloud support which means it can make it easier for users to upload files to the Samsung Cloud.

Users can upload files that will be sent to the cloud storage within a certain period. The file can also be connected to Samsung Smart Things devices and downloaded locally.

The file size that can be uploaded, is limited to 1 GB for one file. Then the sending limit that can be uploaded in a day is a maximum of 2 GB.

However, there is no clearer information related to Samsung’s flagship that will provide this Quick Share feature, but rumors of this feature will debut on the Galaxy S20 series.

To note, that the AirDrop feature itself first appeared on Apple’s iPhone.

This AirDrop feature is also one of the best features possessed by iOS to date.

AirDrop itself is a feature created to send files between two iPhones using a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.