Samsung Patents Sliding Screen Phones

TEKNOKU.meĀ – Samsung doesn’t stop innovating. After starting to market mobile phones with foldable screens, Samsung is now known to be preparing mobile phones with flexible screens that can be shifted.

This was detected from a patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Rights Organization (WIPO). The patent shows a mobile design with a flexible screen that can be moved up and down with a sliding mechanism.

In this patent, the design of a cellphone looks no different from most cellphones. It is not known how big the screen span of the phone looks in the design, but at the top, there is a visible bezel with a front camera, speakers, and a number of sensors in it.

The scene looks familiar to smartphone users. Design that looks ordinary. But apparently from the patent design that was submitted, the phone’s screen can be shifted up and covered the existing bezel.

Samsung makes a flexible screen. So that when moved, the only moving part is the screen panel.

Not yet known what kind of further implementation for the use of this sliding screen later. But the easiest, this sliding screen mechanism can be used to lift or close incoming telephone calls.

Even so, this design is only limited to filing patents only and it is uncertain whether it will actually be realized in the future or not. Because it could be that Samsung is only limited to patenting the design of the cell phone so it is not stolen by other parties.

However, it is also possible that Samsung is really serious about working on mobile phones with a sliding screen design mechanism like this.