Send WhatsApp Messages and Video Calls with Voice Commands

TEKNOKU.meĀ – Send WhatsApp Messages and Video Calls with Voice Commands
Google further enriches the Google Assistant feature by cooperating with several third parties, one of which is WhatsApp.

By cooperating with WhatsApp, now the Google virtual assistant can be instructed by voice, to send WhatsApp messages and make a video or phone calls, without having to touch the smartphone.

Previously, Google Assistant could only be used to make video and telephone calls through Google Duo and Hangouts only.

Thus, WhatsApp Video and WhatsApp Call can be done hands-free alias without touching the screen or holding a cell phone.

Just say “Hey Google, WhatsApp video (call the contact’s name),” to Google Assistant.

But to make phone calls, Google has not explained in detail, what voice commands will be used.

This feature is only available for WhatsApp users on the Android platform. Google says this feature is available now, but it may not be distributed evenly throughout the country.

Meanwhile, to send WhatsApp text messages with voice commands through Google Assistant. To do this, call the Google Assistant with the words “Ok Google”.

Before sending a message, make sure the contact name on WhatsApp is clearly written and does not confuse Google Assistant. By default, Google Assistant will recognize voice commands and messages in English.

However, language settings can be changed, how to click the compass icon after calling Google Assistant, the icon is in the lower right corner. Then open the profile photo in the top right corner, select “Assistant”, then “Language”, and add the language you want to use.

After the language setting is complete, call back Google Assistant to send WhatsApp messages by saying “Hey Google, send WhatsApp messages (call contact names)”. Google Assistant will make sure the contact in question again, then ask what message you want to send.

Before the message is sent, it will make sure again the contents of the message to be sent. Users can change messages when in doubt, or send them directly if they are sure.