Skype Video Calls Can Now Hold Up To 100 People At A Time – The Covid-19 pandemic created a number of video call platforms, increasing the number of participants who can be accommodated in one virtual room, Skype is no exception.

Previously, video calls on Skype could only accommodate a maximum of 50 participants. Now, Skype is upgrading the video call capacity of up to 100 users, in a single call session.

This feature is available via the Skype version 8.66 update on all platforms, namely Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

“With more and more people doing all kinds of activities studying or working from home, this feature is the right choice so they can always stay connected with each other,” wrote Skype in a statement.

With this new feature, Skype seems to want to match competing video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, which can handle 100 participants in one session.

With double the user’s support, Skype can now be used to make it easier for users to hold conference calls, either personally with family or relatives, or with colleagues.

The Skype update also fixes various bugs and improves stability. A number of bugs fixed.

To enjoy the video calling feature of up to 100 participants, users need to update their application to the latest version of Skype 8.66 on their respective platforms.

You can download it via the following link.