Sony Patents the PlayStation “Controller” with Two Back Buttons – Some time ago, the alleged controller design for the PS5 console revealed in cyberspace through patent documents.

Now, there is another patent that also displays the latest Sony-made controller design, but it is unclear whether the device is designed for PS5 or not.

The patent describing the controller design was released by the world patent office (WIPO) on December 26 yesterday on its website.

At first glance, the new controller design contained in this patent document is again identical to the PS4 controller.

It’s just that the device now looks equipped with two buttons attached to the backside of the controller.

That said, the two buttons function similar to “Dualshock 4 Back Button” accessories designed for the PS4 controller, which is as a substitute for the buttons already on the controller by moving its function (re-mapping).

Another difference can be seen in the absence of buttons adorned with the “PlayStation” logo which was previously under the speaker hole.

Apart from that, various buttons and components that adorn this new controller, such as a micro USB port, similar to the PS4 controller.

Even so, the PS5 controller itself is believed to be equipped with a USB-C port.

In other words, it is uncertain whether the design of this latest Sony controller will materialize into a product or not, especially to accompany the PS5 console which is planned to be launched at the end of 2020. We’ll wait.