Sony Prepares Special Party Welcoming the Arrival of PS5 – Sony is expected to unveil the PlayStation 5 (PS5) cover next month. Leaks circulating say, there will be a massive press conference on February 5 in New York, United States.

So far, Sony has not confirmed the rumor. Sony itself has not yet sent an official invitation to the media related to the event. The latest report says, Sony is planning a hardware announcement that will surprise the launch of the PS5.

The reason?
Quoted from Ars Technica, in addition to leaks about the PS5 and special hardware that are still kept secret, news also emerged that mention the PlayStation VR 2 headset will be released together with this event.

“In 2020, Sony will release PlayStation 5 and the latest version of PlayStation VR which will expand its user reach to the high-end VR user base,” wrote another source in this regard, TechBriefly.

Over the past few months, leaks regarding the PS5 have been widely appearing. These leaks include support for 8K graphics, ray tracing, SSD storage super fast, and compatibility with PS4 games.

The console is said to be using AMD’s 8-core CPU based on Zen 2 architecture and AMD Radeon GPU based on Navi architecture. Leaks regarding the form of the PS5 are still not convincing until now. But at least, the controller looks to have a form that is not much different than the PS4 controller but with a number of new technologies, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.