Spotify Premium Vs YouTube Music, Who’s More Attractive? – Music streaming service provider platforms are increasingly varied. There are a number of popular services that are used such as JOOX or Spotify.

Smartphone users are now beginning to switch from listening to songs offline to online through these services.

Seeing this potential, Google did not want to lose. Google began to explore the music streaming market by launching YouTube Music.

Like Spotify, YouTube Music can also be used by iOS and Android devices.

As a newcomer to the world of music streaming, YouTube Music offers several features that are no less interesting than Spotify.

When compared, there are some unique features on Spotify that are not found on YouTube Music, and vice versa.

Try to compare the experience of using both platforms with a premium subscription.

Of course, which one is more interesting, you decide. So, what are the differences?

Subscription package
Home View
Played on Many Devices
Play Video
Download a song

Google still seems confused, because the search engine company also has a separate podcast application called Google Podcast.

“We don’t have plans to launch a podcast in the YouTube Music application anytime soon,” Brandon said at the YouTube Music launch event in early November.