The best-selling iPhone in the first semester of 2019

TEKNOKU.meĀ – In September 2018 Apple launched three of its newest iPhones namely the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

Of the three variants, the iPhone XR is the cheapest priced model compared to the other two models. The pricing strategy was effective in attracting buyers.

Based on reports from market research institute IHS Markit, the iPhone XR is listed as the best-selling iPhone model throughout 2019 so far, to be exact, the first semester. Apple managed to sell at least 26.9 million iPhone XR units globally from January to July 2019.

IHS Markit noted, in the first quarter of 2019 Apple sold as many as 13.6 million iPhone XRs. Then this sales figure fell in the second quarter to as many as 13.3 million units of the iPhone XR.

“Compared to Android smartphone vendors, Apple maintains a smaller model,” said IHS Market Research and Analyst Director, Jusy Hong.

“This resulted in the iPhone tending to produce higher shipments than Android smartphones like those sold by Samsung,” he continued.

Because of cut prices

IHS Markit noted the number of sales was also inseparable from the iPhone XR unit price-cutting strategy within a few months after launch.

For example in India. When it was first launched, the 64GB iPhone XR version was priced at 76,900 rupees (1068.99 USD), while the 128GB variant was priced at 81,900 rupees (1138.49 USD) and 256 variants were priced at 91,900 rupees (1277.50 USD).

Within a few months, the price was cut as part of a promotional strategy. The 64GB iPhone XR is discounted to 53,900 rupees (610.25 USD), then the 128GB variant to 64,900 rupees (902.17 USD) and the 256GB variant of 74,900 rupees (1041.18 USD).

This strategy makes sales of the iPhone XR more aggressive so it tops the list as the best-selling mobile phone.

Nevertheless, the number of Samsung’s cell phone models that are included in the list of the top ten best-selling mobile phone versions of IHS Market is still more than Apple. There are three series A phones and one J series phones that are on the list.

Samsung Galaxy A10 sold 13.4 million units and Galaxy A50 sold 12 million units. Then there is also Galaxy J2 Core which sold 9.9 million units and Galaxy A30 with 9.2 million units.