The fate of the MWC 2020 “Technology Party” Decided February 14th – The annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2020 telecommunications technology event at the end of February in Barcelona, Spain, is in danger of being canceled. Coronavirus outbreak is the reason behind the bad news.

GSMA, as the organizer of MWC 2020, will hold a meeting to discuss the fate of the sustainability of this event. The meeting will be held on Friday (2/14/2020) in the city of Barcelona.

Previously, the technology association said that it would still hold MWC 2020 amid the spread of the coronavirus.

Anticipating the coronavirus, the GSMA plans to provide additional sanitation products to MWC 2020 participants.

The association will also take preventive measures with the quarantine process and the use of thermal cameras to detect temperatures and prohibit the presence of participants from the provision of Hubei, China.

However, recent developments make the GSMA must evaluate the event and the decision on whether or not the MWC 2020 event will be taken during the February 14 meeting.

A number of technology companies, such as Amazon, LG, Ericsson, Nvidia, Vivo, Intel, Sony, Gigaset, Umidigi, and Amdocs have announced the cancellation of participation at MWC 2020.

Some hotels in Barcelona have also reportedly been canceled on a number of hotel orders by MWC participants 2020.

However, Oppo, Xiaomi, TCL, and Samsung have announced that they will continue to attend the technology party with a number of notes.

Like, TCL said it had canceled the keynote session but still held both exhibitions. While Samsung is said to reduce its activities at the exhibition.

With the withdrawal of the big names in the world of technology, the MWC 2020 main hall is predicted to be quiet. This area is usually filled with large booths and is the most visited.

The MWC event is attended annually by no less than 100,000 visitors and thousands of companies. According to the GSMA, there were around 6,000 participants departing from China.

Responding to this phenomenon, professor of global health and infectious diseases, Oriol Mitja said that a few people with coronavirus could pose a risk of spreading the virus globally.

“It only takes three people with coronavirus, to create an outbreak with a large impact,” Oriol said.

He also said that canceling the event was one of the best solutions to prevent the potential spread of this epidemic.