The reason BlackBerry isn’t interested in making 5G phones

TEKNOKU.meĀ – Along with the deployment of 5G networks in several countries, mobile phone vendors began actively spawning products that support the fifth generation of cellular technology.

What about BlackBerry? The former smartphone king, whose TCL device is now being handled by TCL, is apparently not yet interested in participating in the 5G phone race. The reason was later expressed by TCL’s General Manager of Marketing, Stefan Streit.

According to him, 5G technology can indeed open up new possibilities, especially for entertainment. However, apparently BlackBerry views 5G is still not relevant for its device.

“This (BlackBerry phone) is not an entertainment device, and you can already get your e-mail very quickly. I don’t see 5G points for BlackBerry,” Stefan said, adding that 5G might be suitable for TVs, even refrigerators, but not BlackBerry.

Stefen added that 5G network technology could indeed be used on other devices such as 8K televisions or even refrigerators.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that TCL will not release a 5G phone at all. Reportedly, TCL will enter the 5G mobile industry through the Alcatel mobile brand, even at a more friendly price.

“We will release a smartphone with an affordable price (under 600 USD) mid next year,” concluded Stefen.

The condition of the Blackberry itself today is not the same as a decade ago when they were still keen to produce smartphones with a QWERTY keyboard as a hallmark. During 2019, Blackberry did not release a single new cellphone. Blackberry is now more focused on the private sector and favor data protection.