These 6 Bad Habits Can Damage Gadgets – The following 6 bad habits are often done and cause your gadget to be damaged quickly.

Currently, humans seem to be unable to be far apart from the name of the gadget.

Gadgets are items that must be owned, even must be taken everywhere.

The gadget can consist of cellphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

Because it is often used, the gadget is usually prone to damage.

Bad habits when using gadgets that make our gadgets easily damaged.

To keep the gadget more durable the following are bad habits that need to be avoided:

1. Bring the smartphone to the bathroom or toilet
Do not take your smartphone to the bathroom, because your mobile phone can easily get out of your hand and enter the water.
Besides carrying a cell phone to the bathroom can be dangerous for your life.
If a smartphone connected to a charger falls into a bathtub, you are guaranteed a fatal electric shock.
Toilet experts believe that even 5 minutes spent with a telephone in the bathroom can have negative consequences for your health.

2. Leaving the smartphone charged overnight
Not a few people leave their cellphones connected to their chargers overnight so the gadget is 100 percent charged early in the morning.
There is nothing dangerous in doing this.
However, the bad news is that gadgets keep themselves at 100 percent charging throughout the night.
And this begins to reduce the capacity of the battery over time.
In addition, lithium-ion batteries do not require a full charge because of the battery’s high voltage.

3. Empty the mobile battery completely

Lithium-ion batteries from some smartphones are programmed for a number of charge or full usage cycles from 100% to 0%.
After a few hundred cycles, the battery capacity begins to decrease.
That’s why it’s better not to wait until the phone is completely depleted and charged when the battery level drops to around 20%.

4. Eat-in front of the laptop
No matter how accurately you eat, the crumbs from the sandwich will definitely go into your laptop’s keyboard and get stuck in the gap between the keys.
Over time, this habit will cause the lock to jam which will eventually stop working.
Apart from that, it’s not just food and crumbs that are enemies of the keyboard.
Your favorite cup of coffee can also cause havoc, like a wet keyboard.

5. Put the laptop on the bed
Some people almost never use a special laptop holder every time they bring a laptop to bed.
Often, they just put the gadget on their lap.
This is apparently very dangerous and is prohibited because it closes laptop air vents.
It is important to give them direct access to air, otherwise, your gadget can overheat and stop operating.

6. Use whatever charger is suitable
How many times have you used your friend’s charger to make your cell phone come back to life fast?
Just because of a charger fits, doesn’t mean the charger is compatible with your cell phone.
This can actually be a dangerous procedure.
This is because there is a special chip inside the cellphone that is responsible for some functions that can be damaged by the wrong cable.
This can prevent your phone from carrying out certain functions correctly.