This is what the iPhone 14 looks like without the “bangs”? – The news that says that Apple will get rid of the “bangs” alias notch on the iPhone, has been circulating in cyberspace for a long time.

Now, a rendered image circulating on social media from China, Weibo, shows the appearance of the iPhone face without the bangs.

Apple itself is said to be eliminating bangs on the iPhone 14 Pro. From the rendered image, you can see the shape of the new front camera “container” without any bangs.

The front of the iPhone looks to have two holes of different sizes.

The first hole looks like a horizontally oval pill, while the other hole is small round like a punch-hole that is often found in the latest smartphones.

The first pill-shaped hole is in the front camera and infrared camera, while the other hole is a dot projector.

Besides circulating on Weibo, this image was also uploaded by gadget leaker Jon Prosser. He claims to have obtained the image independently. According to Prosser, this image officially confirms that Apple will be abandoning the bangs design.

In addition, Prosser also said that this scheme illustrates the possible size of the new generation iPhone screen hole which is larger than previously thought.

In a video uploaded to Youtube, Prosser compares the alleged screen hole scheme of the iPhone 14 Pro with images from previous leaks.

As a result, the latest leak is claimed to be an official image, showing a thicker screen hole size. The video can be watched via the following link.

There are still bangs on the iPhone 14

Analyst and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), Ross Young, predicts that this new perforated screen design will be adopted by Apple for the iPhone 14 Pro.

In other words, the regular iPhone 14 and other models from the iPhone 14 lineup still feature a notch-less display.

In a tweet, Young said that the punch-hole screen will be applied to all iPhone models in 2023.

In the same post, Young also shows a render of the iPhone Pro with two screen holes, previously shared on Twitter by ShrimpApplePro with @VNchocoTaco handle.

At first, glance looks the same as the leaked image shared by Jon Prosser. However, the position of the hole looks different, because the pill-shaped hole is placed on the right.

This screen hole will accommodate various sensors and the front camera of the cellphone. According to Young, the pill-shaped screen hole will house the front camera as well as the infrared sensor.

Meanwhile, the round screen hole will house the Face ID dot projector, which is tasked with projecting infrared dots to recognize the user’s face.

If the leak from Ross Young is accurate, this is also an answer to rumors that Apple will overhaul and move a number of Face ID sensors to the bottom of the screen.

Previously, it was rumored that Apple would move the Face ID sensor to the bottom of the iPhone 14 screen. But of course, the certainty can only be seen at the launch event later.