TikTok Headquarters Will Be Built Outside of China

TEKNOKU.meĀ – TikTok plans to open a global operational office outside of China. This was done to eliminate the negative stigma TikTok, because it is owned by a Chinese technology company, Bytedance.

There are several countries that are strong candidates for the location of TikTok headquarters, namely Dublin (Ireland), London (United Kingdom), or Singapore.

The relocation of global offices is also expected to bring TikTok closer to countries where services are developing, namely in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States.

TikTok is currently popular among teenagers in the United States. But the short video application has come under the spotlight of US regulators and lawmakers in recent months.

As reported, TikTok received accusations of sending user data without permission. Authorities in a number of other countries are also worried that the data of users of their citizens will be used by Chinese intelligence agencies.

TikTok is also considered to carry cybersecurity threats by the United States so that US lawmakers continue to monitor TikTok for national security.

Previously, the United States Navy (US Navy) had banned its troops from using video sharing applications from China, one of which was TikTok.

Although TikTok is owned by ByteDance China, TikTok still does not have a head office, and only has a main office located in Los Angeles, USA. TikTok also has a subsidiary in Ireland, TikTok Technology Ltd, last year.

Until now, TikTok claims to have been installed nearly 1.5 billion times since it was launched in 2017. Global downloads for applications surpass Instagram and Snapchat this year.