Tomorrow’s iPhone 11 Launch Can Be Watched on YouTube – There is something different with the launch of the iPhone this year. The iPhone 11 launch event, which is planned to be held on Tuesday, September 10, tomorrow when the United States will be seen live on YouTube.

This is Apple’s first time broadcasting a launch event via streaming on its official YouTube channel. Usually, this annual event can only be watched on devices made by Apple and several non-Apple platforms.

“Cupertino is calling. Join us for Apple’s special event directly from the Stebe Jobs Theater on September 10 at 10.00 AM US time,” Apple wrote on his YouTube channel.

In recent years Apple has begun to open access for the public who want to watch the launch of the iPhone 11 live streaming via non-Apple devices.

Since 2015, Apple opened its access for the first time for Windows 10 users.

In 2015, Windows 10 users with Edge browsers began to get streaming access. Initially, the program could only be watched via the Safari browser which was owned by Apple.

Then, in 2018, Apple also broadcasted the launch of the iPhone via live streaming on Twitter. Now the live broadcast of the iPhone launch can be watched via YouTube so that it is expected to be able to gain a greater number of viewers.

Nevertheless, Apple did not provide an official statement why they then expanded access to watch the launch event via YouTube, no longer as exclusive as a few years ago.

Curious to watch the iPhone 11 launch event? It’s easy, just by visiting the following link. Click here to Watch