Two out of Five Websites in the World Using WordPress – Since its first release in May 2003, WordPress has evolved to become one of the most popular blogging platforms and content management systems (CMS).

This was stated in the results of an analysis of the use of WordPress from web technology research firm W3Techs, published last week.

In a report, W3Techs revealed that 40 percent of sites on the internet today actually use WordPress services. This means that two out of every five websites on the internet are built on WordPress.

This data is obtained by W3Techs from the results of an analysis of the top 10 million sites on the Alexa website ranking and the top one million sites on the Tranco list.

W3Techs uses a population of 11 million top sites on two of the world’s web ranking sites to avoid counting registered but unused (parked domains) domains, spam sites, and sites with little or no content.

Also, the data shows that the number of users of WordPress services has also increased. In 2011, WordPress was only used by 10 million users. However, currently, the number has reached 40 million users.

Thus, WordPress managed to control 64.3 percent of the market share of the CMS system, beating similar platforms like Shopify and Squarespace.

From this market share, WordPress is the most widely used to build blog sites and news portals.

Some of the world’s leading news sites also use WordPress to publish their content, such as CNN, Tech Crunch, Time Magazine, Vogue, and BBC America.

This increase in the number of WordPress users was likely driven by consumers or businesses creating new websites during the pandemic.

WordPress seems to be the choice of several consumers because this blogging platform already has a fairly complete ecosystem, including 58,000 supporting applications (plug-ins) and 8,000 WordPress themes.

Also, there are several other reasons why WordPress has managed to dominate a large part of the CMS market share, as compiled from WP Explorer.

The reasons, among others, are easy to use, free, easy to integrate with social media, responsive and friendly to mobile users.

Countries that use the most WordPress services include South Africa, Iran, Israel, and Spain. On the other hand, countries that use WordPress the least are China, South Korea, and Russia.