Vivo Patents the Screen Design with Four Camera Holes – Lately, smartphone makers are competing to make cellphones with the bezel as thin as possible in various ways.

Some of them are like moving a selfie camera that was placed on the forehead of a cellphone into bangs (notch).

Then to expand the screen was born punch-hole technology in which the hole becomes a container for the front camera.

This perforated screen technology is increasingly being adopted by cellphone makers. One of them is Vivo.

Now, the smartphone vendor from China has a new design. Vivo patented three new punch-hole designs that are capable of loading up to four selfie camera modules.

The patent was filed by Vivo on June 1 and was approved by the Chinese patent office (CNIPA) on December 27.

Based on the series of images listed in the patent document, the first design appears with four camera holes placed in each corner of the screen.

So that the entire front camera is placed on the upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right of the phone.

In the second design, the hole is only on the top left and right side of the phone. Unlike the first design, in this second design, there are two cameras attached to each punch-hole. The entire camera is wrapped in two containers.

While the third design looks similar to the second design. It’s just that, two camera modules attached to each corner of the screen are not accommodated in the container as in the second design earlier. The size of the hole also looks smaller.

In addition to the front, this patent document also shows a picture of the back design of the three phones that are identical. There are four cameras arranged vertically.

However, it is uncertain whether this design will actually be realized in the form of mobile phones or not.