WhatsApp Business will no longer be free

Teknoku.me – So far, small business people can use WhatsApp Business for free to develop their business. But in the near future, that discretion will disappear.

Because WhatsApp said it would charge a fee for some services on WhatsApp Business.

“This will help WhatsApp to continue building its business while continuing to provide and expand end-to-end encrypted text messaging and voice and video calls for more than two billion users,” WhatsApp said in an official statement.

Actually, WhatsApp has been charging for certain messages since last June 2019, for example, message templates. The fee is set per message sent varies, depending on the volume of messages sent to subscribers.

Complete information about prices can be seen at the following link.

However, with the arrival of several new features that complement the WhatsApp Business ecosystem, WhatsApp will prepare a new payment scenario.

“What we have heard over the last few years is how valuable business conversations are for people,” said a Facebook representative.

“So, going forward we are looking for ways to update how we charge WhatsApp Business which better reflects the way it is used,” added a Facebook representative.

However, Facebook as the parent of WhatsApp has not yet detailed what business services will be charged, how the scheme is, and what the official price is. It is also not known when the paid WhatsApp Business will take effect.

In the same announcement, WhatsApp also introduced a shopping feature that was released in several countries.

This feature allows WhatsApp users to select items available in the catalog of a WhatsApp Business account, and add them to a shopping cart.

Users can buy, make payments, as well as choose the desired shipping method. However, it is not yet known which payment and delivery methods can be selected via the WhatsApp shopping feature.

However, there is no official information regarding this.