Windows 10 Installed Successfully on M1 Mac Computer – The latest Mac family of computers with the Apple M1 chipset currently only runs the company’s operating system (OS), macOS (Big Sur).

This line of computers also does not support the Bootcamp software which is usually available on Mac computers with Intel chips. This boot camp helps users switch between macOS and Windows.

This means that laptops/computers powered by the Apple M1 chipset (MacBook Air / MacBook Pro / Mac Mini) are certainly unable to run the Windows operating system regardless of the version.

However, a developer named Alexander Graf claims to have successfully run Windows 10 on his Apple M1 “brain” computer. He announced this achievement in an upload on Twitter.

Not just “can”, Graf claims that the Windows 10 OS on Apple M1 is also capable of running applications designed for x86 (32-bit) architecture systems smoothly.

However, the operation is not as fast as the Rosetta 2 (Apple M1) emulation system. To run the Windows OS on Apple M1, Graf uses software called QEMU Virtualizer through a hypervisor. framework.

The graph also uses a special patch for the QEMU virtualizer. Thus, this Arm version of Windows can be virtualized on Mac computers‌ based on Apple M1‌ properly.

However, Graf said that this trial was a very early stage. As a result, the system may be unstable.

“It depends” Microsoft Regarding Windows 10 running on Apple M1, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, said that the chipset itself can actually be installed (install) the ARM version of Windows OS.

However, continued Craig, it “depends” on the policies and decisions issued by Microsoft. “It depends on Microsoft.

We (Apple M1) have the technology to install an ARM version of Windows OS that supports x86-based (32-bit) applications,” said Craig.

“But back again, the decision fell to Microsoft, which had to give Windows OS licenses, so that users could run the OS on a Mac (Apple M1). What is clear, the Apple M1 device is very capable of running the OS,” added Craig.